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  1. Jackson Evers International Airport

    Jackson-Evers International Airport

    Area: 1,500,000 SF CANIZARO CAWTHON DAVIS produced the master plan and designed the exterior and interior renovations, both of which had strict energy reduction goals.…

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  2. Hartfield Academy Expansion and Renovation

    45,000 SF addition and 15,000 SF renovation In the summer of 2018, just in time for the new school year, Hartfield opened its newly expanded…

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  3. The Ramey Agency

    The Ramey Agency

    Area: 13,000 SF In its move to an eclectic and artistic neighborhood, this upscale advertising agency embraced a town square design concept, consolidating all departments…

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  4. Nick's Restaurant


    Nick’s, a local icon for fine dining in the metro Jackson area for over twenty-five years, relocated to a more urban neighborhood. Designing the new…

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  5. Metropolitan Bank

    Metropolitan Bank Home Office

    CCD orchestrated the comprehensive interior design for Metropolitan Bank’s modern headquarters, contributing to the establishment of their new corporate identity. The transition from a cramped…

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  6. Methodist Rehabilitation Center Stroke Patient Floor Renovation

    Methodist Rehabilitation Center Renovation to the Stroke Patient Floor

    The Methodist Rehabilitation Center is the leader in patient rehab and therapy care. Focusing on the whole patient, this design for a stroke Recovery Patient…

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  7. Eye Care Professionals

    Eye Care Professionals

    CCD provided a new image for an established optomology clinic through design and recommendations on corporate branding.  The office is a comfortable and modern approach…

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  8. Beagle Bagel Cafe

    Beagle Bagel

    Area: 2,480 SF Location: Highland Village, Jackson, MS With a rich 12-year history of serving Jackson, Beagle Bagel Café, a locally owned restaurant, sought expansion…

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  9. B.B. King Museum

    B.B. King Museum

    The B.B. King Museum honors bluesman B.B. King, telling his life’s story of hardship, perseverance, talent and humility as a way to further the arts,…

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  10. AmSouth Plaza Lobby

    Amsouth Plaza Lobby

    With a desire to improve circulation and create an upscale corporate ambiance for patrons of the building, Duckworth Realty called on CCD’s interior designers to…

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