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  1. Vicksburg Interpretive Center / Catfish Row Museum

    The Vicksburg Interpretive Center / Catfish Row Museum breaths new life into an existing downtown building on Washington Street. Canizaro Cawthon Davis has worked with…

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    What is RESIMERCIAL design?  Only the most popular emerging trend in commercial interior design.  To describe it in the simple terms, it is a mesh…

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  3. Holy Cross Catholic Church

    Area: 2500 SF Holy Cross Catholic Church in Philadelphia, Mississippi needed help with a deteriorating, out of date church. Canizaro Cawthon Davis was able to…

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  4. Pass Christian City Hall Library

    Pass Christian City Hall & Library

    Recovery from destruction of Hurricane Katrina required the city of Pass Christian develop a new city municipal complex. More than just functional buildings, the city…

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  5. Flora United Methodist Church

    Flora United Methodist Church

    The expansion and renovation of Flora United Methodist Church enabled the church to meet the challenge of serving a growing congregation while maintaining the heritage of…

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  6. Mississippi Sports Medicine

    Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center

    Area: 49,000 SF Located on a major highway, this contemporary building promotes and identifies Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center. The building includes clinic, surgery, and…

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  7. Capital Orthopaedic

    Capital Orthopaedic

    Area: 48,000 SF A modern healthcare facility sets the standard for a new development. Exterior walls of masonry with bronze metal roof screens recall traditional…

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  8. About Us

  9. St Lukes United Methodist Church

    St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

    St. Luke’s United Methodist Church is located in the historic Fondren District of Jackson, MS. CCD was selected to develop a master plan which would…

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  10. Metropolitan Bank Temporary Office

    Metropolitan Bank Temporary Office

    As a new private banking institution, Metropolitan BancGroup asked CCD to create an environment for its clients as unique as the bank itself. Realizing the…

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