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  1. Vicksburg Art Park

    Vicksburg Art Park

    The Art Park is a vital component in the growth of Vicksburg’s downtown. Working with Neel Schaffer, Canizaro Cawthon Davis participated in the master plan…

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  2. Red River Visitor Center

    Red River Visitors Center

    Location: Shreveport, LA Nestled next to the Red River in Shreveport, Louisiana, the visitor center serves to inform the public about the Red River Valley…

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  3. Pinelake Education and Administration Building

    Pinelake Education and Administration Building

    New entrance, education, administration, and counseling spaces were added to meet the ministry needs of Pinelake Church.  The first floor includes twelve large classrooms, along…

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  4. Norbertine Priory of St. Moses the Black

    The Norbertine Priory of St. Moses the Black

    This Priory for the Norbertine Fathers, located on a limestone ridge near the Historic town of Raymond, Mississippi, was master planned to provide residence for…

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  5. Mississippi Delta Museum

    The MS Delta Museum will anchor the west end of the Delta Cultural Tourism train line and features the river and all that implies. The…

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  6. Mississippi Children's Museum

    Mississippi Children’s Museum

    The Mississippi Children’s Museum, situated at Lefleur’s Bluff State Park in Jackson, Mississippi, serves as a welcoming beacon to ignite children’s interest in the built…

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  7. Mississippi Children's Home Services Arts and Education

    Canopy Children’s Solutions

    The W.L. Albritton Arts & Education Center at the Jean Austin Bagley Campus in Jackson, Mississippi, operates as a specialized school within Canopy Children’s Solutions.…

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  8. Mississippi Children's Home Services

    Canopy Children’s Solutions

    The Canopy Children’s Solutions CARES Center represents Mississippi’s inaugural private, non-profit psychiatric residential treatment facility dedicated to children with severe emotional or behavioral disturbances. CCD…

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  9. Lower Mississippi River Museum

    Lower Mississippi River Museum

    The Museum includes a reception area, temporary and permanent exhibition halls, theater, classroom/activity room, office and work room. The museum educates the public about life…

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  10. Information Technology Lab

    Information Technology Laboratory Building

    The United States Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center required space for new supercomputers, along with adjacent offices and laboratories for top researchers.…

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