What is RESIMERCIAL design?  Only the most popular emerging trend in commercial interior design.  To describe it in the simple terms, it is a mesh of residential design with corporate design for a more comfortable, more homelike workplace.

Duff Capital Investors Offices

Duff Capital Investors Offices

Now this doesn’t just mean adding a living room to the office plan or plush carpet on the floor.  Oh, it goes deeper into the psychology of a people and their workplace and to the very core of the design.  Consider this – never before has the workforce been compiled of four different generations:  Pre-Boomers, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennial’s, each with different expectations and values associated with how to work.

Based on requests from my clients and as stated in all the current A&D articles regarding current trends across the country, it is clear that ‘Resimercial’ is attractive to most workers which explains the explosion of the concept in all regions, all markets and all business types.

Incorporating communal spaces for staff, privacy niches for individual tasks, and casual creative zones are helping take the humdrum out of the office and create a space where workers want to come to do their jobs over working from home.

I have seen the transition from traditional private office layouts morph to private offices surrounded by workstations. (made most popular by the favorite sitcom ‘The Office’)


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Cube farms slowly began going the way of the private office as we began designing spaces with a more ‘open plan’ to promote collaboration and teaming.  But with the new model, came lack of privacy, noise, and for some staff a chaotic environment making work more difficult.

So, let’s consider how people work these days – always in ‘go mode’ and always accessible thanks to cell phones, tablets, and computers.    The desire to be flexible with workplace and schedules is a hot button for staff who see the work days getting longer and longer.

In an attempt to attract and retain the brightest and best work force, employers are buying in.  Finding ways to make their employees comfortable and less stressed is translating to ‘going home to work’.    Making these changes and updating the architecture and design of corporate offices takes time and money, but the upside for employers is resimercial design seems to increase employee productivity and well-being and ultimately lead to a healthy bottom line for the company.

The Ramey Agency

The Ramey Agency

So who would have predicted that the design industry as a whole from architects, interior designers, furniture and fabric designers (typically on a soap box for remaining authentic to a style or period of design) would embrace blurring the lines.

So, I guess it is true. . . ‘there’s no place like home’.