Holt Collier Visitor and Interpretive Center

Initially named the Holt Collier Visitors’ Center, this facility is dedicated to exploring the geography, history, and people of the south Delta. Situated outside Rolling Fork, the building draws inspiration from the historic architecture of the region. Designed to harmonize with the natural environment, the Visitors Center features porches along the east and west sides, offering solar shading to windows in those directions. These porches allow visitors to circulate and engage with the site, enhancing the overall experience. Access to the building is facilitated by stairs and an accessible ramp. The exhibit area, designed as a simple rectangular room, ensures maximum flexibility for exhibit arrangements, while an eighteen-foot-high ceiling accommodates hanging exhibits. Interior materials include gypsum board and wood walls, exposed timber roof structures, and carpeted and wood floors, all providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. Windows offer views of the historic red barn and mounds, further connecting visitors to the site’s rich surroundings.