Net Auto

With a hybrid sales approach of internet and walk-in sales, Net Auto had an existing car sales facility in Richland. Because of its old location, and lack of curb appeal, walk in sales were weak. CCD was approached to design a new marketable building image and master site plan for a facility on a clean site with maximum visibility and visual interest. Fronting Highway 49 in Richland, the new lot showcases Net Auto’s cars and branding with a memorable building form and palette of colors. Taking cues from automobile aerodynamics, the building appears to be moving while standing still. The service drive incorporates a drive though “hoop” where customers are able to interact with the building. The spacious and welcoming 2 story lobby instills confidence in buyers. Sales offices have window views overlooking the car lot to monitor potential buyers eying the inventory. Executive offices are located on the second floor. The service department bays are in the rear of the building which also house an auto photography studio for producing the internet car advertisements.