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Experience: Interiors
Location: Jackson, MS

Nick’s, a local icon for fine dining in the metro Jackson area for over twenty-five years, relocated to a more urban neighborhood. Designing the new restaurant with a balance of a casual dining atmosphere and formal white linen dining was a top priority to the Owner. The main entry is centrally located and serves as a connector and common element between casual and formal. The bar was made the focal point of the casual dining and provided a new gathering spot for all occasions in the neighborhood. The formal dining is tucked away, to provide a more private and intimate feel.

Working with existing building features such as low structural / ceiling heights and minimal natural lighting helped to define and separate various arrangements including tables as well as booth seating. The configuration of the existing floor plate required innovative thinking about staff and kitchen traffic flow as well as general circulation. Through the use of creative barriers such as wine racks, fabric drapery, and suspended glass panels, the separation between casual and fine dining was clearly delineated and circulation routes were defined. A series of ceiling 'clouds' varying in heights, shapes, and materials helped form intimacy while providing acoustical privacy and masking required mechanical/electrical equipment. The innovative use of familiar materials such as wood in contrasting finishes alongside newly introduced materials such as decorative plastic panels for bar areas met the desired aesthetic and provided the durability required for public dining.

Creative solutions including LED color-changing technology, specialty upholstery fabrics, distinct signage, and artwork provide a unique experience at Nick's.

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