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The Ramey Agency

Experience: Corporate
Client: The Ramey Agency
Area: 13,650 SF
Location: Jackson, MS

A high end advertising agency relocated from a high rise to Fondren Place, a mixed use development located in Fondren's eclectic and artsy neighborhood in Jackson, MS.

The concept of the design was to create a "town square" center with office and work spaces along the perimeter. It brings all the departments together by utilizing the primary circulation space to house all shared functions. Cook, eat, bounce ideas, cut and paste in the center of town. Also, old materials and found objects along with sleek new materials provide an eclectic mix that celebrates the neighborhood.

The company logo established a linear repetition and the palette, utilizing exposed ceilings over the town square, and adding interest and volume to the areas that are flanking it. Street lights on exposed columns add to the atmosphere and open spaces and partial height walls, in lieu of closed offices, provide the illusion of spaciousness in reduced square footage.

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